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issued on 25 September 2005

On the number of persons included on the elector lists and the number of voters to whom the ballot cards were issued by 4.30 p.m. in the elections to the Parliament and Senate of the Republic of Poland written for 25 September 2005.

  1. Collective information collected countrywide

    The National Electoral Commission, on the basis of the data received from 24 990 local electoral commissions out of 24 999 electoral commissions countrywide (i.e. excluding the polling stations established abroad and on the Polish ships at sea) announces that, as at 4.30 p.m. on 25 September 2005:

    1. The number of eligible voters in the election, i.e. the number of voters included in the electoral lists in the polling stations from which the data were collected was 30 274 668.
    2. 8 412 232 ballot cards were issued to the eligible voters, which constitutes 27.79% of the total number of eligible voters.
  2. Collective information in the cities with over 250 thousand population
    No.No. of the constituencyCityTotal no. of the polling stationsNo. of the polling stations from which data were obtainedNo. of eligible votersNo. of ballot cards issued%
    1.3Wrocław304304506 854152 96930.18%
    2.6Lublin192192280 08389 09731.81%
    3.9Łódź396396625 157184 43229.50%
    4.13Kraków443443587 288201 46634.30%
    5.19Capital City of Warsaw8198191 338 391501 56237.47%
    6.25Gdańsk211211363 489123 45733.96%
    7.31Katowice163163259 67676 33929.40%
    8.39Poznań295295447 314148 96533.30%
    9.41Szczecin201198322 95498 39230.47%

  3. In view of the total number of eligible voters, the largest number of voters polled in the local area (city of) Godziszów, constituency no. 6, lubelskie province – 55.60%

Chairman of the National Electoral Commission Ferdynand Rymarz

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